Career Services

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Job Placement Help

Job placement help is available to lifetime membership subscribers. We have a network of recruiters with whom we've formed good relationships with over the years. If you succeed in the curriculum, your profile will be marketed to these recruiters. First you must successfully complete all of the courses in your chosen path, after which you will have to pass two 1hr long exams. You must pass both exams with a 75% score or higher. Upon completion of these steps, your resume will be broadcasted to the network of recruiters that we are partnered with.

1-on-1 Session

You asked for it - here it is. I (Imtiaz Ahmad) now offer personalized 1-on-1 career mentorship sessions. BUT, before you choose to sit with me on a 1hr Zoom call, below are some important videos in which I share my practical life experiences and some words of wisdom that I'm sure will help guide you in your career. This service does have an additional charge because it's not a part of the course curriculum. Scroll to the bottom of the page to book a 1 hr session with me where I'll mentor you and help you take your career to the next level.

Coding or Behavioral Interviews

Using the same "Schedule a Call" button at the bottom of this page, you can also choose to book a 1-on-1 session with me where I will perform a mock interview to assess your skills and where you stand. You can choose to take a technical interview or a behavioral interview. After the interview is over, you will receive an in-depth report on how well you did and how you stack up against other candidates. I'll also provide you with custom tailored learning material to help improve your skills so that you can be a rockstar interviewee and get that job you have been dreaming of!

What Should you Do After the First 2 Years at a Company?

In this video, I talk about why it's super important to move on from your first software dev job after 2 years! There are a 100 reasons you should do this. I explain some of the most important ones in this video that may not be obvious to most!

Do You Experience Code Fear?

In this video, I explain the topic of Code Fear and how to handle the imposter syndrome. This phenomenon known as code-fear is far more common than you might think. Even veteran programmers experience this. I shed some light on what goes on in the industry and how you should approach similar problems when you face them in the workplace.

Conscientious Developer

In this video, I explain how you should be thinking about navigating your career and remain conscientious about what's happening in and around you as you grow into a professional.